Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fear Factor

One of Bryant and Lauren's favorite things to do is to scare each other. When they were dating Lauren used to hide in corners waiting for him to come downstairs and then jump out at him. Which she soon realized was not the best idea. Because Bryant's experience in the military gets him a bit jumpy and when he gets scared he starts swinging. So Lauren learned to choose her scare moments at a distance from Bryant. Lauren USED to be the champ of the scare game. Til recently, Bryant has been just jumping out everywhere!

Last weekend, Lauren and Bonnie (Bryant's sister) were decorating the apartment as a surprise for Bryant. They didn't want to tell him what they were doing, so they thought they were being sneaking about it. But little did they know, it was Bryant that was really being the sneaky one.

Bonnie and Lauren came home to what they thought was an empty house, to hurry and finish decorating. And were talking in the house for about 5 mins, while Bryant was ANNOYINGLY texting Lauren, asking what she was doing. So then Bonnie and Lauren went in the garage to spray paint a few things. While they were down there, Bryant just popped out of no where and scared them. They both screamed so loud that their screams echoed over the entire block. Bryant on the other hand could not stop laughing.

Then later that week, Lauren got up to take a shower, thinking she was home alone, she left the bathroom door unlocked. Bryant snuck away from work that morning to come home and get something. When he heard Lauren in the shower. So he decided to just REALLY freak her out. So while Lauren's back was turned, Bryant reached out and touched her back and yelled "HELLO LADY". As you can picture Lauren was not too happy about that, and now locks all the doors...ALL the time.

The score currently stands

Lauren Rosell-1 Bryant Rosell-2

Monday, June 7, 2010


Sawatdi ka, our Thailand Honeymoon!

After our amazing wedding, Bryant and Lauren traveled to Phuket, Thailand for their honeymoon, compliments of Papa Rosell Air and Papa Smith Hotels. They first began by saying good-bye to the OG (original gangster) Rosell's...

and started our journey with a simple 16 hour flight from LA to Hong Kong, where we stopped and had lunch with Papa and Mama Smith and then continued on to Phuket, Thailand. Which was a breezy 3 hours after our last flight.

After months of Bryant being deployed overseas, Lauren in Hong Kong working on an internship, and both of them planning the wedding, it was really great just to relax and spend time swimming, going to the beach, snorkeling, taking boating trips, taking cooking classes...just to name a few :)

Us at our cooking class, the first day we were a little run down. Jet lag plus high humidity plus mosquito bites (for Lauren, ps she had 19 the FIRST day) equals sickly looking first day pictures.

Then the next day we went on a boating trip to the Phi Phi islands. Where we went snorkeling, saw lots of monkeys, and were the ONLY ones on our boating trip that did not get sun burned (parents be proud).

The rest of our trip we just spent walking the beach outside our room, swimming in all 4 of the hotel pools, including our personal one outside our room, and even one day Bryant took Lauren shopping, isn't he the bestest :), where we got some cool things for our house.

Our week in Thailand was great! But then sadly Bryant had to go back to work and Lauren took on the lovely task of unpacking the house and trying to organize it. More updates to come!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Rosell's

For all the family members that don't have a Facebook, or want to keep more in depth look at us newly is the start of our blog!

Once there was a boy named, Bryant James Rosell. And he met a girl, named Lauren Ashley Smith. Their courtship first began in September of 2003, the first day of school. Where Lauren, seeing an unbelievably handsome boy, approached him, and said, "hi". The young man, not knowing at the time, that he was about to utter his first words to his wife, stopped, turning and looked at the girl, and replied, "Don't talk to me..." and continued to walk to school.

Now Lauren, being like most women, forgets nothing. And from then on, vowed to punish him, by not speaking to him for about 5 years.

So 6 years later: Bryant had finished high school, and joined the Army, and was currently serving as a Ranger preparing to leave for his second deployment, returned home to Carlsbad. Where he was to spend 2 weeks with his family before going to Iraq.

Lauren had finished high school, was attending Brigham Young University Idaho, and had since decided that she wanted to do something more exciting. So she signed up to be a volunteer English teacher in Changzhou, China. And was leaving for 5 months at the beginning of February 2009.

Then in Janurary 2009, both Bryant and Lauren went over to a mutual friend's house to play a card game. They soon realized that all their friends were going on a road trip, and they were to be the only two left in Carlsbad. So Lauren, being the forgiving person she is, and Bryant, seeing the error of his ways, decided to hang out during this two weeks Bryant had of leave, which were also the last two weeks Lauren was home before going to China.

The became inseparable, and in November of 2009 Bryant purposed to Lauren, and they were later married in Del Mar, California on April 30, 2010.

Bryant and Lauren are living in a cute apt (pics and blog update coming soon) in Dupont, Washington. Where Bryant is finishing up his last year of the army, playing video games, reading books, and taking care of his two favorite girls, Lauren and Miss Pip, our cat. Lauren is working on base, taking online classes, watching Glee, and loves talking to Bryant all the time (since they began their official courtship, he has yet to tell her to "stop talking to him", wise man)