Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rosell plus wait..3, now back to one

Sorry everyone that we have been totally slacking on the posts, but boy have we been busy! In about 9 days Bryant and I will be celebrating our 3 month anniversary. And in those three months we have been visited by all of Bryant's siblings*cough *cough note to Lauren's siblings, your slacking on the visitation days. First we had the lovable Bonnie Bonita come down, just a few weeks after the wedding. Her and I had SO much fun decorating the apartment and spending our days off window shopping, eating off the dollar menu, and laying by the pool. Bonnie got to hang outwith us for about 2 months, so we had lots of fun hanging out and she was a sport being the genuine pig to some of my recipes :)
Sorry Bon, couldn't find any pictures of us, we just ate. Bunch of fatties hahaha

Then a few weeks later, we had Brandon come up. He and Bryant are extremely close and he wanted to come and see his brother one last time before entering the MTC for his mission to Russia. Me being the planner I am, went out and got all of Brandon's favorite foods and planned for a weekend of sight-seeing. But once Brandon got her, it was clear that all the boys wanted to do was playing video games. Apparently this is how they "bond"...I will never understand boys. But Bryant, being the great husband he is, saw that I wanted to get out of the house for a little. So the boys pulled themselves away from their screens, and took me to see what I have been DYING to see, since we have come to Seattle...the Gum Wall. Classy,I know.
After Brandon left, Bryant and I had a few weeks to ourselves before the youngest Rosell came up to visit withher girlfriend for EFY. We picked them up, then I took them to EFY, ohhhh the awkwardness of EFY mixed with the excitement of meeting boys haha. As they were at EFY Bryant and I were both working long shifts at work and we relieved when they came back, and just wanted to sleep...for nearly 2 days straight. Hahaha But we did manage to take them out on the 4th to Seattle, and then back home to light our own fireworks. Where Bryant filmed all of them to show Brandon when he comes home...oh brotherly love.

After Buffy and her girlfriend were gone, it was almost time for Bonnie to head back to Carlsbad too, but not before her and I could remodel the bathroom. Needless to say that was an adventure on it's own. It was about 103 degrees, and our shelf would not hang, so we ended up with too many holes in the wall, and Bryant trying to fixthe towel rack with super glue. Sadly the only things that ended up sticking, were the towels Bryant had accidently super glued to the floor.

So....with that in mind, please excuse me for not blogging earlier. I will be better! And hopefully next post will be filled with pictures of our first place! That's all for now, love Bryant and Laurent


  1. We have those same green bowls and plates :) haha
    Cute new blog layout!

  2. Yea! we can be blog friends :) Looks like you been having fun. How is Washington?