Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fear Factor

One of Bryant and Lauren's favorite things to do is to scare each other. When they were dating Lauren used to hide in corners waiting for him to come downstairs and then jump out at him. Which she soon realized was not the best idea. Because Bryant's experience in the military gets him a bit jumpy and when he gets scared he starts swinging. So Lauren learned to choose her scare moments at a distance from Bryant. Lauren USED to be the champ of the scare game. Til recently, Bryant has been just jumping out everywhere!

Last weekend, Lauren and Bonnie (Bryant's sister) were decorating the apartment as a surprise for Bryant. They didn't want to tell him what they were doing, so they thought they were being sneaking about it. But little did they know, it was Bryant that was really being the sneaky one.

Bonnie and Lauren came home to what they thought was an empty house, to hurry and finish decorating. And were talking in the house for about 5 mins, while Bryant was ANNOYINGLY texting Lauren, asking what she was doing. So then Bonnie and Lauren went in the garage to spray paint a few things. While they were down there, Bryant just popped out of no where and scared them. They both screamed so loud that their screams echoed over the entire block. Bryant on the other hand could not stop laughing.

Then later that week, Lauren got up to take a shower, thinking she was home alone, she left the bathroom door unlocked. Bryant snuck away from work that morning to come home and get something. When he heard Lauren in the shower. So he decided to just REALLY freak her out. So while Lauren's back was turned, Bryant reached out and touched her back and yelled "HELLO LADY". As you can picture Lauren was not too happy about that, and now locks all the doors...ALL the time.

The score currently stands

Lauren Rosell-1 Bryant Rosell-2

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