Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Rosell's

For all the family members that don't have a Facebook, or want to keep more in depth look at us newly is the start of our blog!

Once there was a boy named, Bryant James Rosell. And he met a girl, named Lauren Ashley Smith. Their courtship first began in September of 2003, the first day of school. Where Lauren, seeing an unbelievably handsome boy, approached him, and said, "hi". The young man, not knowing at the time, that he was about to utter his first words to his wife, stopped, turning and looked at the girl, and replied, "Don't talk to me..." and continued to walk to school.

Now Lauren, being like most women, forgets nothing. And from then on, vowed to punish him, by not speaking to him for about 5 years.

So 6 years later: Bryant had finished high school, and joined the Army, and was currently serving as a Ranger preparing to leave for his second deployment, returned home to Carlsbad. Where he was to spend 2 weeks with his family before going to Iraq.

Lauren had finished high school, was attending Brigham Young University Idaho, and had since decided that she wanted to do something more exciting. So she signed up to be a volunteer English teacher in Changzhou, China. And was leaving for 5 months at the beginning of February 2009.

Then in Janurary 2009, both Bryant and Lauren went over to a mutual friend's house to play a card game. They soon realized that all their friends were going on a road trip, and they were to be the only two left in Carlsbad. So Lauren, being the forgiving person she is, and Bryant, seeing the error of his ways, decided to hang out during this two weeks Bryant had of leave, which were also the last two weeks Lauren was home before going to China.

The became inseparable, and in November of 2009 Bryant purposed to Lauren, and they were later married in Del Mar, California on April 30, 2010.

Bryant and Lauren are living in a cute apt (pics and blog update coming soon) in Dupont, Washington. Where Bryant is finishing up his last year of the army, playing video games, reading books, and taking care of his two favorite girls, Lauren and Miss Pip, our cat. Lauren is working on base, taking online classes, watching Glee, and loves talking to Bryant all the time (since they began their official courtship, he has yet to tell her to "stop talking to him", wise man)


  1. I love your blog! I hope that everything's going great with being married :) I miss you and we need to talk soon so you can update me on everything. I wish you the best!! Oh and by the way: LOVE the story (it kinda reminds me of a movie:)

    I also started a blog a few weeks back -

    keep in touch!
    much love!!