Monday, June 7, 2010


Sawatdi ka, our Thailand Honeymoon!

After our amazing wedding, Bryant and Lauren traveled to Phuket, Thailand for their honeymoon, compliments of Papa Rosell Air and Papa Smith Hotels. They first began by saying good-bye to the OG (original gangster) Rosell's...

and started our journey with a simple 16 hour flight from LA to Hong Kong, where we stopped and had lunch with Papa and Mama Smith and then continued on to Phuket, Thailand. Which was a breezy 3 hours after our last flight.

After months of Bryant being deployed overseas, Lauren in Hong Kong working on an internship, and both of them planning the wedding, it was really great just to relax and spend time swimming, going to the beach, snorkeling, taking boating trips, taking cooking classes...just to name a few :)

Us at our cooking class, the first day we were a little run down. Jet lag plus high humidity plus mosquito bites (for Lauren, ps she had 19 the FIRST day) equals sickly looking first day pictures.

Then the next day we went on a boating trip to the Phi Phi islands. Where we went snorkeling, saw lots of monkeys, and were the ONLY ones on our boating trip that did not get sun burned (parents be proud).

The rest of our trip we just spent walking the beach outside our room, swimming in all 4 of the hotel pools, including our personal one outside our room, and even one day Bryant took Lauren shopping, isn't he the bestest :), where we got some cool things for our house.

Our week in Thailand was great! But then sadly Bryant had to go back to work and Lauren took on the lovely task of unpacking the house and trying to organize it. More updates to come!

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  1. I want to go to a beach like that!! The water is so pretty!!

    So since you've taken cooking classes... you the best chef ever now?? Wanna teach me?!?! :)